Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8-1-09 Leslie + Anthony Wedding II

been together for 7 years they look they are still in their honeymoon phase. Very refreshing!

I stand by it, that wedding was fantastic, so much fun, so many traditions, such great food and friends. Leslie is a photographer herself so making the photographer choice was difficult for her and her documentary film making husband, Anthony. I was honored just to have made the cut.

Strange but true, in the course of our getting to know each other, Leslie and I found that we attended the same college AND had the same professor and probably crossed paths at his wake last year. RIP Peter.

The wedding was help @ Fischer Hall in Fischer, Texas. It's a giant hardwood open canvas, a fantastic find for the budget conscience and imaginative bride. Located only 1 hour outside of Austin proper. It's worth a gander.

Here are some images of the event and as always you can see more on facebook, so please become a fan she-n-he photography and design. 
Looking forward to seeing you there.
Be well.

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Leslie Knott said...


The pictures! They are soo beautiful!! I knew when I looked at your portfolio that they would be wonderful and I knew that I was picking the perfect photographer for our event. However, I had no idea they would be this good. It was like you were in my head and saw the photos I was wishing for. All the pictures you took were so lively and creative. There is so much heart behind them, I can tell you enjoyed being there. The colors are so vivid. The moments you caught were so wonderful. Your images tell the story of our wedding. There are so many good ones too! Every single one out of 550 I love, it is impossible to pick my favorite. I love the way you photograph too by the way. When it came to portraits you knew what you wanted and got it, when it came to catching the action you went with the flow and caught everything. I'm beyond glad that you were there shooting my wedding. Thank you for turning what was a huge problem for me into the best thing about my wedding. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so such creative moving images.