Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6.29.10 The RIGHT photographer

You'll know it when you feel it.

This weekend, we photographed Hahn and Sam's wedding. They came in from New York, they wanted to come home and marry where they met and fell in love. I spoke with Hahn over the phone before we met, we also did some chatting over instant messenger. We met once, 8 months ago, give or take. She has been in her second year of medical school in New York, so her time is extremely limited. I met her again on Wednesday before the wedding to discuss final details of her traditional Vietnamese ceremony. 

I have a baby, Bishop, he is 1.5 years old. He often accompanies me to meetings, that Wednesday was no exception. I was taking notes while chatting with Hahn and Sam and the baby wanted to be feisty, so Hahn just grabbed him right out of my arms and started playing with him (she has a 5 month old nephew herself.) I thought that was the coolest thing in the world. I want people to be so comfortable with me, and me with them, that they wouldn't think twice about going into my frigidaire and grabbing a snack or a soda. Or grabbing my baby to entertain him. We actually chatted about this exchange at her wedding I told her how much I loved it that she felt comfortable enough with me to do that and Sam told her after our meeting, "dude, you grabbed a white girl's baby." Sam is caucasian, Texas born and raised and Hahn is Vietnamese raised primarily in Australia, these types of comments flowed all day. Apparently in her family, which is extensive, it's perfectly acceptable to grab someone's baby, I felt like family. I was honored. 

We arrived at her ceremony site 45 minutes early to scope it out, and meet all of her family. What an amazing group of people, Steve and I kept saying, "Have you met Hahn's sister? She is the sweetest!" "Have you met Sam's mom? She is out of this world!" Their wedding was broken up into 2 sections of the day, the traditional morning ceremony and the modern evening reception. At the ceremony in the morning, I wept like a baby, I know how important this was to the whole family that their families join in this cultural service and I was truly moved.  The evening went off without a hitch, pictures, cupcakes, dancing, sparklers, amazing. At the end of the evening, Hahn ran through her line of sparklers, like she'd been training for it, her entire life. At the end, by the car,  she grabbed me and hugged me and told me she loved me. And I love her, this is the kind of relationship we should have if that's your thing, if it's not, then I'm probably not the photographer for you. 

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Congratulations to all of you who have found the RIGHT photographer. It's a painstaking process, but it's worth the effort.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

6.25.10 Blog Stalkers.

Yesterday, I met a couple @ the Weddings Unveiled event. Of their couple, the bride, said she had been blog stalking us. Fun. You never know if there is anyone out there taking any notice and sometimes the blog feels silly and narcissistic. Then you meet someone who loves to read your blog. I love it. Sadly we were already booked for her wedding date, but maybe she'll plan her wedding and reception for the same day ;) You know who you are. 

She-N-He has huge news: Amanda, one of our beloved brides, has just become a Bee. She is really excited and we're thrilled for her. She'll be blogging all about her wedding plans and details from now until her wedding in January 2011. She posted recently about her "Priority Number 1: Photography." please have a look.

Thanks for keeping up with us.
All the Best.

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6.24.10 The Littles

Kelly and Eric were married in May at the Inn at Pearl Street. Totally lovely couple, so positive, the rain narrowly missed blowing the top off their plans and they barely noticed. Which was a ushered along by their unfaltering day of coordinator, One Fine Day Weddings, even without a planned indoor space for all of the guests, Suzanne was light on her feet and collected, seriously one of the finest coordinators I've worked with. You'll have a happy life together, no doubt. I'm so happy for you both.
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See you next time.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

7.16.10 Matt Senior

Matt is friends with all of the seniors we've photographed this year. It's like their facebook pages are a roadmap. He's amazing, super cute, polite, plays the trumpet, and oh did I mention he's a brilliant genius? He was offered an academic scholarship to about a million schools, it sounds as though he spent his entire senior year bouncing around from school to school just to decide which school was for him. In the end Rice won, though he is planning (possibly) graduate school at MIT. He's planning a career in engineering. Did I mention how completely impressed I was a the group of seniors from this year. You guys knock my socks off.
1 last thing, he was super cute ;)
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

6.12.10 Juanita + John 5.22.10

I felt a special kinship with Juanita and John from the moment we met. They met at work and I love that, that's how Steve and I met. We discovered after our 45 minute meeting that we were only one degree apart, we have friends in common. Nice.
It was our first time to the Terrace Club, what an amazing view and the dance floor was on fire. They did a great job of making everything so beautiful, Hunter is fantastic and a real trooper. Anyone would be lucky to work with them, it was also our first time to work with Elite Events Austin, Courtney is fire-cracker, she was fantastic with everyone, everything ran smoothly considering there was quite a lot to contend with but she was able to keep her cool and get things rolling as if nothing ever happened! Good job Courtney, it was a pleasure to work with you and the Terrace Club and ATXDJ fantastic job as always, but most of all Juanita and John we were so honored to be with you on your most blessed. Congratulations!
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6.8.10 My House

I love my house. I love the way it feels in the early morning, the rooms are dark but the light from the kitchen illuminates the dining and living areas, it's quiet, it just seems to be getting ready for her day. I love later in the morning, the light just pours in from all angles and there is a peek through in the dining area that shares the light generously with the living room. All of the rooms are painted a different color thus sending a new message every step from the bedrooms to the kitchen. We've lived here for 4 years so far and this feeling never seems to fade. I walk from the office to the kitchen, on the way for a cup of coffee and I often think "I am IN LOVE with my house." 

I have always been a mover, my whole life, we would pick up and move from place to place, state to state, school to school. 7 schools, I think, before I wrapped up Elementary. Same system after that, but many different dwellings in between. My New York life wasn't any different the shortest amount of time I stayed in a house in New York was 8 days. I moved in with a friend and our sublet, essentially recalled it at the drop of a hat. My longest in New York was 3.5 years and I was aching to move on. But here, this house, I could stay here forever. 

We've planted plants and flowers and this year put in a tree, we can't stay forever, but we can make it even better for the next family who lives here. So they have the same deep affection for our tiny, little oasis. We've started our family here and Bishop as he grows get to experience this house. The galley kitchen goes to the dining room on one side and living room on the other side. Bishop is walking/running now and  sometimes I think the layout was for Chase. When we move forward in our lives and find a new house, bigger, in a better neighborhood, all of the trimming. Bishop will always remember this house is the house he came home too when he was a baby and we planted our tree in his honor. When he's 40 he can swing by his first house and see his tree. 

Don't get me wrong our house is modest in her square footage, but it would make our NYC friends blush from the excess. The house is situated on a mature tree lined street in an otherwise scary neighborhood and we will have to leave our house when our first is ready for classes. But for now, it holds a romance, that is palpable. It's our own little secret Eden. 

The sun is trying to peek through the clouds and the house is starting to flood with light, I have to get back to reality and doing some editing before our house is alive with the full energy of the day.

Have a wonderful day.