Monday, October 19, 2009

Nancy + John Married

This is the first couple I have had the pleasure to walk through all of the steps with them. If you've been stalking you know their whole story as I have been posting bits and pieces as I go about who they are and why I just LOVE these guys. I'm glad to finally share the conclusions ot their wedding experience. The wedding was held at Hacienda del Lago click <here>. But the way I LOVE Hacienda the partners who own and mange the place are the most accommodating folks I have ever met they are not only willing but eager to help and make things great every step of the way. Seriously one of the owners actually shielded me from the rain for a quick spat during the ceremony. I love these guys and the place is gorgeous, a real stunner. You'll be seeing alot of my work spotlighting this place in the coming months, if you haven't seen it go. You won't be sorry.
Anyway back to Nancy and John, what a raucous party. Complete with a complete Michael Jackson impersonation and lip-syncing, Awesome!! Nancy was the most mellow bride I have ever had the pleasure of working with, it's raining and 4 people are making plans foe the event and Nancy, cool as a cucumber, appeared to be ignoring the hub-bub. She just sat contented having her make-up applied by Kelly Kitchen from Defining Styles click <here>. A teensy bit wet but gorgeous affair. I congratulate you guys and wish you a wonderful life together.
As always you can see more images on facebook click <here>.
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