Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4.16.10 Samantha's Bachelorette.

Samantha is one of our most recent brides. She's a non-traditionalist as you can plainly see. She found a big batch of heinous wedding dresses online for <$. So she got her mom, MIL, friends and bridesmaids together to have a "Let's re-imagine these ugly dresses party!" Everyone was really into, they tried-on, shredded, sewed, hot-glued and drew on the dresses. In the end the dresses, while retaining just a glimmer of their 1980's glory days, were wearable again. kind-of. After that the brave woman were dropped off on 6th street on a Saturday night wearing their creations. Sadly I missed that part. 
Thank you for looking, please enjoy.
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The Perfect Bridesmaid said...

Love this party-I featured it on my blog. Please check it out-it looks like it was a great time.