Tuesday, July 21, 2009

7-11-09 Margaret + Steve

Margaret and Steve married July 11, 2009
Zilker Park Botanical Gardens
and the reception was held at the Shoreline Grill

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Hollie Rouse said...

these are absolutely beautiful. love your work! i think steve and mags are going to flip when they see these.


Margaret Vaaler said...

I’m not usually one to write reviews online, but for She-n-He Photography, I *have* to.
Of all the wedding planning details, finding the right photographer concerned me the most. Thinking about wedding photographs brought out my insecurities from junior high - being too pale, too tall, too this, too that. However, my fiancĂ© and I didn’t want to look like we’re on the cover of a romance novel, we wanted to look like us. My husband and I are not super-traditional people, and we didn’t want super-traditional photos. She-n-He’s photos were modern, yet classic. They didn’t look staged, which is what I liked the most. The colors in their photos were so vibrant, perfect for our outdoor wedding. And, we were thrilled when we saw our engagement photos. We LOVED them! Knowing that our photographs would be so good gave us some much needed piece of mind during the busy wedding planning process.

Melanie suggested we look at bridal/wedding magazines to show her ideas on how we wanted our photos to look. I’m so glad she suggested this. Many of the shots were exactly how we had requested (based on the magazine pictures we showed her). She also asked us to list out the wedding party and family members for the group shots post-ceremony and at the reception. We were overwhelmed at all the people who were there to celebrate with us. And photography was the *last* thing on our minds. Melanie made sure to take the pictures we had requested. Unfortunately, a few people had left early (or didn’t come) so we couldn’t get ones we wanted. But, the fact that she tried to get them was impressive.

I did not expect to be so anxious on my wedding day. An hour before the ceremony, I was asking everyone around me “are the chairs set out for the musicians? Are the musicians here? Did someone pay them? Does so-and-so have the programs?” It was nuts. In hindsight, I was not worrying about the photography at all. And that was worth every penny. When we put things in perspective, if the music or food is mediocre, no one will remember. But the photos are forever and I cannot say enough good things about She-n-He Photography. Thank you so much Melanie and Steve, we will enjoy our wedding photos for a long time!